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The Cast of "Lord why do I keep choosing the wrong man" 

Nicci Canada, Tra Mason & Jada Alexander on set.

Ok... I took another jab at acting this past weekend in the play "Lord why do I keep choosing the wrong man".  A full production play where I played an R&B singer who signed to a major record label while dealing with an abusive boyfriend. This was an experience that I will never forget. I think I may take some acting class because I really enjoyed this and I'm looking forward to doing it again. A big ol' shout out to the Emmanuel Seegars, Director and Producer, for entrusting me with this part and giving me an opportunity to do what I've always wanted to do.

The New Year 

 Well... It's a new year. I'm excited about what is taking place in 2013. New Music is on it's way and I'm trying out different things. There is so much more to me as an artist and I'm ready to explore. This is the year of opportunity so Dont allow your fears to keep you from following your dreams. Your destiny awaits my Dear! We're in this together.

Nicci Canada Video Blog 

Ok, I admit it. I said I was going to do a video blog 10 years ago....... Well maybe I'm exaggerating.... but  it's been a long time.  I am, however, about to finally follow through so please stay tuned to the life of Nicci Canada. This journey is quite interesting if I must say so myself :) Thanks for all your support! Nicci loves you Darlin''.

Nicci Canada Live @ Dream Nightclub 

I am so taken back by the love and support that was shown to me at last nights event. It was truly an honor to share the stage with Jonez Muzic, Paul Whitley and Chris Cook. A big ol' hug goes out to Champ LaMont Josey and Robert Jenkins for coming out showing support. I consider you family:) Seeing Al Boyd & the beautiful Mrs. Boyd in the building was an honor as well. Alecia Katrina Houston, Montrell Dupri and Sherretta Ivey, Thank you!!!! And Last but not least.... I am forever Grateful for Cedrice NuffCed Brown, He didn't drop the ball on me and he was the Ultimate Host Last Night!!! Thanks again to all who came out. Let's continue this journey together.


I was reminded by someone the other day that YOU are limited by the limitations that YOU have set in YOUR OWN mind. Fear and set beliefs can cause those limitations therefore never allowing you to fulfull your purpose in the earth. I will continue to encourage you to Dream, Believe and Become. Determine your level of success my Dear,  Aim high and soar because you are Greatness.  Nicci Canada



Passion is this wheel that makes one move. It is felt by others
when you truly do what you love to do. Whatever the desire.....
Dream. Believe. Become

Let's get going 

Many of us have dreams and goals but waste precious time doing nothing. So you feel stuck but always complaining about what could and should be.  I challenge you to take a moment, grap a pen and paper and write down all the ideas that come to mind. Regardless is they seem far fetched; Who cares. Nothing is impossible. Remember, everthing begins with a thought and most importantly you are in control of your life. Make the decision today to dream big, killing fear and kicking doubt to the curb. You can do It.

Happy New Year! 

Well Hello Darlings! and Happy New Year. I hope that this year brings fullfulment, love, joy and peace to those who are reading this. There is a lot  that will take place this year starting with the NC Video Blog. I Know, I know..... I said that last year. (smile) but it's coming very soon! I promise.  I want to be able to interact with you guys in another way and not just through post. Stay tuned for more details. Hugs and kisses to all the Nicci Canada Music Lovers!

Nic Notes 

The year is not over YET! But 2011 has been an great year for me. I've have acomplished my goal and that was to complete "Twenty Twelve". This truly was a time of growth and learning more about who I am while embracing every bit of it.  I encourage you to Dream, Believe and Become......... That is your purpose. The road may be rocky but you have the shoes for the journey.

- Nicci Canada